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We would like to thank everyone who has suported us so far. Please help us to continue giving dogs happy homes. We cannot operate without your help to raise much-needed money to pay our vets bills, gas, electricity, rent, running the ambulance etc.
Fundraising Waggy Tails Rescue


Fundraising is at the core of what we do at Waggy Tails Rescue. We receive no government funding or help from anyone – except you, the general public.

Click the below headings for different fundraising ideas:

ideas at home

  • Invite your friends to a coffee morning, tea party, American supper, cheese and wine etc, and we will give you display material. Ask everyone to contribute and charge for entry.
  • Have a tombola, or bring and buy.
  • Spring clean and have a car boot or garage sale.
  • If you go to a club or pub, ask the landlord to organise a quiz and donate the entry fees to Waggy Tails.
  • Do something that will enable you to raise sponsorship money eg. A silence, a swim, a walk, a haircut, a shave, a diet, etc.
  • Ask every shop you go into if they will display a poster or have a collecting tin.
  • If you go to the gym, get sponsorship for ‘miles’ on the treadmill or exercise bike, or lengths in the pool.
  • If you are a keen gardener, hold a plant ‘swop’ or sale.

ideas at work

  • Ask if you can have collection box. We will supply a poster/pictures to accompany it.
  • If you all have to ‘look smart’, suggest a dress-down day, with all participants donating. You could wear silly ties, hats or ear-rings! Invite us along to say ‘Thank You’!
  • Suggest a ‘take a pet to work’ day. It could be real, or a toy version.
  • Suggest to your colleagues you all get together and organise a fundraising supper party. Everyone brings a dish, and all give a donation.
  • Ask if you can display a poster in the staff canteen. And keep talking about Waggy Tails at every given opportunity.
  • Sign up to payroll giving, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
  • Hold a small raffle and ask your boss to donate a prize.

ideas at school

  • Tell your teacher what you want to do and get their ideas as he/she’s probably done lots of things like this before.
  • Suggest to your class that you have a competition to draw your pet. We will judge and give a prize.
  • Ask if someone from Waggy Tails can come along to give a talk in return for a donation of money or dog food.
  • Get your mums to bake cakes and sell them at school, giving the proceeds to Waggy Tails.
  • Get your class to bring in photos of their pets and, for a donation, display them on a notice board. Then everyone has to guess whose pet belongs to who.
  • Hold a bring and buy sale at guides/scouts youth clubs etc.
  • Offer to clean cars for parents/teachers in return for a ‘wage’ which you donate to Waggy Tails.
  • Have a sponsored ‘Silence’ or ‘Spelling bee’
  • Ask if you can have a toy sale at school.


We now have an online system for donating to Waggy Tails. This is through the Charities Aid Foundation.

If you wish to make a donation please click on the button below

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Did you know?

It is amazing what only a little bit of money can buy. This is what your help and money can do:

£1 Food for a small dog for a day

£2 1 worming tablet lasts 3 months

£4 2 months flea treatment for a medium size dog

£12 Microchipping

£25 Booster vaccination

£35 Primary healthcheck

£50 Orthopaedic consultation

£100 Neutering

£2000 Orthopaedic operation

£3000 Cataract Removal