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Dylan needs sponsoring
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Dylan gender Male breed Cocker Spaniel

DYLAN is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel who came to Waggy Tails because, sadly, his owner was very ill and unable to look after him any longer. He spent ten weeks in kennels when his owner was in hospital and, luckily for him, went from there to his Permanent Foster Home. Happy to be free from... read more

Ziggy gender Male breed Shih Tzu

A 9 year old Shih Tzu who came to Waggy Tails suffering very poor sight. He needs daily ointment as his eyes are so dry but he is very co-operative when having it done. Ziggy doesn't let his problem worry him and loves playing football. ... read more

Trixie gender Female breed Small Crossbreed

This little dog - whose parentage may include Sheltie or Pomeranian - arrived from the pound badly emaciated, with patchy fur, rotten teeth and a very poorly tummy. All her teeth were removed and it was expected that she would be able to eat properly and begin to gain weight. Unfortunately,... read more

Mickey gender Male breed Terrier Cross

Mickey came to WTR about 3 years ago. He had been owned and loved by a young family. When the baby came along, unfortunately Mickey took second place so to compensate and get attention, he started to lick and bite himself. When he arrived at Waggy Tails his thigh, paws and legs on one side were... read more

Scampi gender Male breed Terrier Cross

SCAMPI Amazing though it seems, this adorable little mongrel was found wandering the streets of Bournemouth, having just been abandoned! The dog warden handed him over to us and we found a lovely home for him in Poole. Sadly, due to the owner’s ill health Scampi was once again returned to... read more

Moet gender Female breed West Highland Terrier

Moet is a West Highland White Terrier who is about 10 years old. She was handed in when she was 6 months old by owners, who said they were emigrating! It was quickly discovered that she had a major problem with her hind legs and could not walk in the normal way at all. She was taken to our vet... read more