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dogs needing homes

Here are the dogs who currently need new homes. Click on a dog name to find out all about them. If you would like an Application form, please follow the link on the rehoming page. You can keep up to date with our dogs using our RSS feeds.
Pasha needs a home

Rabbits And Guinea Pigs gender Male and Female breed Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Please remember that we have lots of rabbits and guinea pigs all requiring new loving homes. Details of the other animals we have can be found on the OTHER ANIMALS page on the dropdown under the dogs.... read more

Bella gender Female breed Pug X Beagle

Bella is a six month old Pug x Beagle. She is a typical puppy who is full of energy. She is very inquisitive and eager to learn. She knows basic commands and is house trained. She will benefit from training classes. She has two other dogs in her Foster home and has fitted in very well. She... read more

Milo gender Male breed Lurcher

Milo is a five month old Lurcher pup. He is full of beans and a typical puppy - loving, mischievous and with bags of energy. He knows some basic commands and will respond well with further training. He is great with people and very friendly with all the dogs he has met so far, although as a puppy,... read more

Benny gender Male breed Chihuahua

Benny is a 3 year old Chihuahua . He is a little shy on first meeting but very affectionate once he knows you are OK. He is a very special little dog currently recovering from surgery on his back legs. He is now pain free and enjoying gentle walks on all four legs, he still needs to build up his... read more

Bailey gender Male breed Pug X Shih Tzu

Bailey is a very good natured dog. He is good with other dogs and very friendly towards people.... read more

Bilbo gender Male breed Terrier Cross

Bilbo is a long-legged terrier mix. He is about 8 years old and very good with other dogs. Sometimes a little hesitant when first meeting people but quickly overcomes this. A lovely boy.... read more

Bertie gender Male breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bertie is an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is an affectionate boy who loves a fuss and is good with people. He walks nicely in company with other dogs, though 'amble' is probably more accurate! He is good in the house and gets on with his foster parents' other dog.... read more

Lady & Jessie gender Female and Female breed Jack Russell

Lady and Jessie are a pair of elderly Jack Russells. Lady (pictured left) is a sweet 13 year old who enjoys cuddles. She would prefer to be the only pet in the home so she can lap up all the attention! Lady would love a quiet home for her retirement where she can potter round the garden and play... read more

Polly gender Female breed Terrier

Polly is a 4 year old small terrier who is very friendly with all the people she meets. She loves to do tricks so would be very happy in a home that would encourage her cleverness! She needs to be the only dog in the home.... read more

Toby gender Male breed Jack Russell

Toby is a ten year old Jack Russell - typical terrier, very single minded and very lovable. He is an active boy, despite his age and loves nothing more than to play ball. He needs to be the only dog in the home and not left too long as this makes him anxious. Although he enjoys his walks his ... read more

Fergus gender Male breed Jack Russell

Fergus is a 9 yr old terrier who has sadly lost his owner. He is a little shy and uncertain when meeting new people but once he gets to know someone his affectionate and playful side comes out. Fergus needs to be with someone who is experienced with terriers and has no other pets, who has the time... read more

Lloyd gender Male breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lloyd is a 6 year old Staffie. He has suffered from anxiety but can now walk nicely on the lead along the road with cars whizzing past. We have given him experience walking with larger, calm dogs and he has learnt to cope really well when passing smaller dogs on his walks. Lloyd has so much love... read more

Pasha gender Male breed Shar Pei

Pasha is a 7 year old male Shar Pei who needs to be the only pet in the home. Pasha is quite aloof and will take time to respond to his new owner. These special dogs are much better in the hands of people who know and understand the breed. Once you have gained his trust he is playful and... read more

Gizmo gender Male breed Rottweiller X

Gizmo is now about 10 years old, a Rottweiler cross. he has been with us for some time perhaps due to his being almost blind and a little older. This is such a shame as he is a lovely gentle giant who enjoys playing ball out on our field and sun bathing. Although his sight is very limited, he... read more