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dogs needing homes

Here are the dogs who currently need new homes. Click on a dog name to find out all about them. If you would like an Application form, please follow the link on the rehoming page. You can keep up to date with our dogs using our RSS feeds.
Gizmo needs a home

Rocky gender Male breed Crossbreed

Rocky is a ten week old crossbreed puppy. He is good natured, gets on well with other dogs and loves a cuddle. He will need to attend training classes and like all puppies is inquisitive and keen to learn.... read more

Dexter gender Male breed Beagle

Dexter is a two year old Beagle. He is an active, amicable boy, who is good with other dogs. He knows basic commands but will need further training, including on the lead.... read more

Bruno gender Male breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bruno is a four year old small Staffie. He is currently undergoing socialisation and this will need to be continued. He is a good natured dog despite his poor start in life. he needs a patient owner and a calm environment to help him regain his confidence. If you are interested in Bruno please... read more

Toffee gender Female breed Collie Cross

Toffee is a two year old Collie cross. She is a very friendly and playful dog. She is obedient but would enjoy further training and lots of mental activities to enrich her life.... read more

Bluebell gender Female breed Whippet X Lurcher

Bluebell is a one year old Whippet x Lurcher. She is a beautiful dog who is bouncy and affectionate and likes to play with other dogs. She is good on the lead but will need further training. No cats please.... read more

Meisha gender Female breed Small Mastiff Cross

Meisha is a 2 year old small mastiff. She is excellent with people and dogs and has lived with a cat. She loves to play and has come from a family background so would be fine with older children as she is quite bouncy. A family who would continue her training would find her a very responsive and... read more

Woody gender Male breed Jack Russell X Dachshund

Woody is a four year old Jack Russell cross Dachshund. He is a friendly, busy boy with a lovely nature. He is learning basic training, having sadly had virtually none in his early life and would love a Forever Home where he could carry on with this.... read more

Buddy gender Male breed Jack Russell

Buddy is a two year old Jack Russell. He is very good natured, playful and affectionate.... read more

Nellie gender Female breed Red Setter

Nellie is a ten year old Red Setter. She is a very gentle girl who loves company and is looking for a loving retirement home.... read more

Zebedee gender Male breed Collie X Whippet

Zebedee is a two year old Collie cross Whippet. He is a good natured dog who would love a home with a companion.... read more

Barney gender Male breed Crossbreed

Barney is a five and a half month old crossbreed. He has come from a family home, after a change in circumstances. He is good with people and other dogs. He is a typical puppy who needs training and teaching some manners. he needs an active home where he will get lots of exercise and mental... read more

Baz gender Male breed Terrier

Baz is an eight year old Terrier x. He is good natured and gets on with other dogs. He is a busy boy who will need lots of stimulation.... read more

Lloyd gender Male breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lloyd is a 4 year old Staffie. He has suffered from anxiety but can now quite happily walk along the road with cars whizzing past. We have given him experience walking with larger, calm dogs and he has learnt to cope really well when passing smaller dogs on his walks. Lloyd has so much love to... read more

Royal gender Male breed American Bulldog X

Royal is a two year old American Bulldog cross. He is a very gentle boy who who is used to a large family. He is enjoying life and loves to play with his tennis balls.... read more

Stella gender Female breed Staffi X Whippet

Stella is a whippet cross staffie - about 16 months old we think - found as a stray - good with everyone and other dogs too... read more

Pasha gender Male breed Shar Pei

Pasha is a 7 year old male Shar Pei. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and health checked. He has lived in two family homes, the first with children. He needs to be the only pet in the home. Pasha is quite aloof and will take time to respond to his new owner. These special dogs are much better... read more

Gizmo gender Male breed Rottweiller X

Gizmo is an eight year old Rottweiler cross. He is a very gentle boy who is looking for a special retirement home as he is almost blind. Gizmo is more than capable of living a near normal life with some small adjustments to help him adapt and find his way around. He understands a number of commands... read more