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Here are the dogs who currently need new homes. Click on a dog name to find out all about them. If you would like an Application form, please follow the link on the rehoming page. You can keep up to date with our dogs using our RSS feeds.
Gizmo needs a home

Rabbits And Guinea Pigs gender Male and Female breed Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Please remember that we have lots of rabbits and guinea pigs all requiring new loving homes. Details of the other animals we have can be found on the OTHER ANIMALS page on the dropdown under the dogs.... read more

Alfie gender Male breed Springer X

Hiya, I am Alfie the Sprocker, born around May 2016 I am a young bouncy chap with a zest for life! I love to run around and stretch my legs. Because I'm so young, I would benefit from having some new owners who would like to do some fun training with me to help me become a well behaved adult. I... read more

Loki gender Female breed Crossbreed

My name is Loki which means, the god of mischief and destruction apparently! I am a crossbreed pup, possibly have Saluki in the mix and was born around the beginning of August. I am mischievous and what pup wouldn't be as there is so much out there to explore but I am not destructive. Just don't... read more

Maisie gender Female breed Crossbreed

Hi there, I am Maisie the gorgeous brown pup who is possibly a Saluki cross. I was born around the beginning of August 2017. I would like to find a new home where I can have a happy family to look after me and take the time to teach me all I need to know to be a well behaved dog. I have been told... read more

Bo gender Female breed Collie X Kelpie

Bo was born in September 2016 and has been spayed. She came from a family home, where she had little input and was left to her own devices. Her favourite occupation was to chase birds. She was not socialised and had little interaction with people and on her arrival at the rescue was terrified. ... read more

Carla gender Female breed Lurcher

My name is Carla, I am a lurcher pup (July 2017). I am a typical pup, full of mischief, inquisitive and a bundle of energy. I will need to attend training classes, be taught manners and my position in my new family. I would like to live in an active home, with owners who have the time and... read more

Twister & Peanut gender Female and Female breed Pomeranian & Chihuahua X

Hiya, I am Twister the Pomeranian. I might be small but have a big personality that will make you smile. Peanut is my best friend, she is a Chihuahua cross, We are both five years young. We play well together with a bit of rough and tumble or a game of catches. We both like to go for walks and... read more

Freddie gender Male breed Patterdale X

Hello to you, my name is Freddie, I am a handsome Patterdale cross (12 years) I have found myself in an unfortunate situation looking for a retirement home. I am an older gent looking for a peaceful retreat to call mine. I enjoy the quieter life where I can have a snooze and enjoy your company.... read more

Lola May & Roxy gender Female and Female breed Bichon Frise

Hiya, I will let Roxy tell you about us. We are a very sweet, gentle pair of seven year old, Bichion Frise girls, looking for a calm, quiet home to enjoy. We can’t wait to get back to our home comforts. We are very good and love to go on walks long or short. We love toys and can play together... read more

Shay gender Female breed Greyhound Cross

Hiya my name is Shay,I am nearly a year old and I am a Greyhound X, I am looking for a new energetic home that will have the time to keep my training up to speed. I am very good with the basic commands like sit, stay and leave. The staff here tell me I need to work on my recall, but how can a... read more

Skye gender Female breed Border Collie X GSD

Hey there! I’m Sky and am excited to meet you and tell you all about me! I am a super fun, one year old, collie cross, who has a lot of love to give and needs some help with some doggy life skills. Sadly I have been passed around so am a bit confused, and consequently very wary. I am very young... read more

Chico gender Male breed Chihuahua X

Chico is a one year old Chihuahua cross. ... read more

Soldier gender Male breed Old Tyme Bulldog

Howdy folks, I am Soldier a Bulldog cross and I am 10 years old. I am looking for a home with a nice comfy bed I can call mine. I have a few years behind me so I do like to lay around lots especially if there is a nice sunny spot. I am not completely lazy as I do like to play with a football,... read more

Bella gender Female breed Crossbreed

Hiya, Bella is my name, I am a crossbreed. I am looking for a new home with owners who are around for the majority of the day so that I have the company I crave. I can be nervous at times and I would like it if my new family would take things slow with me and give me time to build up my... read more

Smokey gender Male breed Crossbreed

Hi guys, I am a bit of a mixed breed and 18 months young. Let me tell you a little about myself, now where to start…? I am a big bouncy lad who is full of energy, I love nothing more than running around with a ball, I may come across as confident, but in fact I am learning my manners. I will... read more

Polly gender Female breed Terrier

Hello, my name is Polly, I am a 4 year old young terrier cross. I have been in the kennels now for a long time and would really like to find somewhere I could call home and show my new family how much I appreciate them. I am small so would not take up to much space for my bed and toys. On that... read more

Pasha gender Male breed Shar Pei

Good day to you, I am Pasha an 8 year old Shar Pei I have been at Waggy Tails HQ for too long now and desperately looking for a new home I can call mine. My new owner will need to know and understand my breed, as we have a few quirky inbred talents. You will need to spend time at the sanctuary... read more

Gizmo gender Male breed Rottweiller X

What’s up guys, I am Gizmo, I am about 10 years, a handsome Rottweiler cross. To let you know about myself, I have very poor eyesight. The vet thinks I have been like this from birth, so I cope very well. I am an inquisitive dog, so do not just sit in a dark corner all day. The staff and... read more