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dogs needing homes

Here are the dogs who currently need new homes. Click on a dog name to find out all about them. If you would like an Application form, please follow the link on the rehoming page. You can keep up to date with our dogs using our RSS feeds.
Clyde - Latest Update needs a home

Sasha gender Female breed JR X Poodle

Sasha is a 4 month old Jack Russell x poodle. She is a very sweet girl. Good with other dogs, cats and children. ... read more

Alfie gender Male breed Crossbreed

Alfie is a 14 month old curly coated Crossbreed who, came in with Teddy, but we are looking for separate homes. Alfie seems more independent than Teddy but still is very friendly with people.... read more

Teddy gender Male breed Crossbreeds

Teddy is a fourteen month old, curly crossbreed. He is very sociable with people and loving, enjoying a cuddle. He has not had much socialisation with other dogs but appears to be friendly.... read more

Carter & Cocoa gender Male and Male breed Border Terriers

Carter and Cocoa are three year old Border Terriers. They are lively, inquisitive boys who need to be homed together as they are very close.... read more

Bruno gender Male breed Collie Cross

Bruno is an eight month old Collie cross. He is new in so still being assessed, but appears to be friendly and intelligent.... read more

Max gender Male breed Terrier Mix

Max is a 6-7 year old Terrier mix. His elderly owner died so he is a little bemused and frightened. He has settled well and is beginning to gain in confidence. He is currently recovering from a skin condition.... read more

Rosie gender Female breed Jack Russell

Rosie is about 12years old - a long legged Jack Russell terrier - very good with people and other dogs. She is slightly deaf as allowed at her age. She needs company. ... read more

Libby gender Female breed Staffordshire

Libby has recently arrived from the pound having been taken there as a stray. She is 10+ years though appears younger. She is friendly with all people and said to be good with children. We will update when we have had a chance to get to know her.... read more

Flower gender Female breed Terrier

Flower is a five year old Terrier mix, she is a lively outgoing dog. She is very affectionate and good with other dogs. She would like a home with Heidi if possible.... read more

Heidi gender Female breed Terrier Mix

Heidi is a scruffy Terrier mix, about 5 years old. She is currently recovering from a skin problem, but is a happy loving girl. She would like to find a home with Flower... read more

Clyde - Latest Update gender Male breed Springer Spaniel

Clyde is a 7/8 year old Springer Spaniel. Clyde is looking for an active home with lots of exercise and play. He is very good in a home environment, sleeps downstairs in his own bed and understands lots of commands. He enjoys agility and playing ball. Clyde is very strong and came to us... read more

Rudi - Latest Update gender Male breed Bearded Collie Cross

Rudi is a 6yr old Bearded collie cross. Rudi came from a pound so no history was known, his time was up and was due to put to sleep. He is a active chap. very affectionate with all people and loves a game of ball. He is very intelligent, will go and find a ball and is currently learning some... read more

Cora gender Female breed Crossbreed

The delightful Cora is about 7 years, a crossbreed and came from a pound. Cora is a bit of a clown and likes goofing around. She is very friendly and knows commands such as sit, wait, down and gives you her paw. There is no background history on Cora, but she must have been in a loving home... read more

Lloyd gender Male breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lloyd is a 4 year old very active Staffie. He is improving every day with his anxiety. He can now quite happily walk along the road with cars whizzing past. We have started to put a thunder shirt on him when out on walks as these calm a nervous dog. He walks with a head collar to help train him to... read more

Lloyd has a video

Frankie gender Male breed Terrier Cross

Frankie is 18months old and a Chihuahua x JRT. Frankie is a very small dog with a huge personality , he has loads of love and affection to give but also likes to have his own space. Frankie is coming along really well, and is learning very fast what he can and can't get away with. He likes... read more

JD gender Female breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier

JD is an elderly Staffi. She has come from the pound. She appears to have been well cared for in the past. She is still very active for her age (10+) and enjoys her daily walks, behaving well on the lead and not pulling. She is good with other dogs and people when out. JD can be a little... read more

Scraps gender Male breed Terrier X

Scraps is a four year old terrier cross. He came to us when his human family grew and there was no place for him. Scraps is a lovely boy who often gets overlooked because he is a little nervous around people he doesn't know. He walks well on the lead and loves to explore on his extendable lead.... read more

Jake gender Male breed Jack Russell Terrier

Jake has been with us for over a year and is looking for a special retirement home. He is a 12 - 13 year old Jack Russell, who is very independent. He loves to play with a ball and his toys. He is very fit and healthy and loves his walks and playing in the field. He walks to heel and knows basic... read more

Gizmo gender Male breed Rottweiller X

Gizmo is an eight year old Rottweiler cross. He is a very gentle boy who is looking for a special retirement home as he is almost blind. Gizmo is more than capable of living a near normal life with some small adjustments to help him adapt and find his way around. He understands a number of commands... read more

Milo gender Male breed Crossbreed

Milo is a super little dog who is looking for a very special home. He is only a youngster but has suffered a slipped disc which has left his back legs paralysed. There is an article about him on the news page. Our 'Miles for Milo' fundraiser before Christmas 2013 raised over £1000 to help... read more

Sandy gender Female breed Terrier

Sandy is an intelligent, young, three year old Terrier. She is full of life and would like an active home where she can play ball and then rest on the sofa. Sandy is fully housetrained, travels quietly in the car and loves a walk in the woods. She is good with other dogs once initial greetings are... read more

Maggie - Latest Update gender Female breed Jack Russell Cross

Maggie is just under 3 years old, a gorgeous Jack Russell cross who is very affectionate and very clever. Maggie loves learning and being with people. She knows quite a few commands and her training on lead walking is progressing very well. Maggie can get excited when out on her walks and a little... read more