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Danny - adopted May 2010
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Helen’s House …


… is the name we have chosen for our Animal Rescue Centre.

It is named after Helen Lathwell, who very sadly died four years ago. She was ‘the perfect volunteer’.

Helen was a volunteer at our little shop in Walkford and gave unstintingly of her time and commitment; on Sundays and Bank Holidays in the summer she would open the shop to give campers somewhere to spend their money! She loved animals, loved the charity and was a happy, lovely person with a ready smile. Her spirit will live on in the home where we will care for unfortunate dogs until they find their happy endings in ‘forever homes’.

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4 Responses to Helen’s House …
  1. Paul Chapman

    That is a top gesture Chrissie. I never had the pleasure of meeting this lady but it sounds like she was a wonderful asset to WTR. I hope we make a big thing of the naming of the ARC.


  2. Sally Troth

    How lovely to hear more about the background to Helen’s House. I am sure (if this is possible), that she is smiling down on us (and the dogs!)…

  3. tina wootton

    So great everytime we see Waggy Tails Rescue on our facebook home pages and all the friends being added. Social sites like these are so useful I find for all sorts of reasons like advertising. I enjoy writing poetry and sometimes, when in the mood, short stories, and I am sure it wont be long before WTR gives me inspiration and Barrie and I just adore our adopted cat Chester through you.

    All the best in everything you do and I love helping you x

  4. Gary Lathwell

    I would like to say how much I appreciate this gesture, I recieved an email from my sister tonight and was completely overwhelmed by this. Thank you very much to the people involved.
    My mum was a very kind hearted person and loved animals ,especially dogs and I know she would have been so proud of this, as would my dad have been if he was still with us. Again ,thank you very much.

    Gary Lathwell

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