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Sometimes it is not just dogs that need a new home. From time to time we rescue other animals that need a loving home. Click on an animals name to find out all about them. You can keep up to date with our other animals using our RSS feeds.
Muffin needs a home

Holly gender Female breed Dutch Rabbit

Holly is a female dutch rabbit who was born in August 2015. She has been vaccinated and microchipped. Holly is a very friendly rabbit.... read more

Shelby gender Male breed Rabbit

Shelby was born in March 2013. He has a very friendly nature and would make a lovely family pet, having lived with children before.. Shelby is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.... read more

Minnie, Mouse & Mable gender Female breed Guinea Pigs

Minnie and Mouse are nine weeks old and Mable is six months. They part of a group of five sows.... read more

Jade & Jewel gender Female and Female breed Guinea Pigs

Jade and Jewel are two of the herd of six sows. Mum Jade is 8 months old and baby jewel is 6 weeks.... read more

Jade, Jewel, Jessie, Ruby, Sapphire & Amber gender Female breed Guinea Pigs

Jade, Jewel, Jessie, Ruby, Sapphire & Amber are a herd of six sows.Jade is 8 months old and Mum to the 2 babies, Jewel and Jessie 6 weeks old. Ruby is 8 months old. Sapphire and Amber are 6 months old. ... read more

Meg & Molly gender Female breed Guinea Pigs

Meg & Molly are one year old. They are part of a group of five sows.... read more

Stewie & Brian gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

Stewie and Brian are six week old boars. They are long haired.... read more

Copper gender Male breed Mini Lop

Copper is a nice natured, mini lop rabbit, born February 2015. He is vaccinated and micro-chipped.... read more

Thumper gender Male breed Rabbit

This very handsome buck is Thumper. He's between 1-2 yrs old. Very sweet nature. ... read more

Muffin gender Male breed Netherland Dwarf Cross

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in Muffin after our facebook post. Happily he has now found a new home.... read more

Ronnie And Reggie gender Male and Male breed Guinea Pig

Reggie and Ronnie are two male guinea pigs, about a year old. They are a little nervous as they have not had a lot of handling before coming in.... read more