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other animals needing homes

Sometimes it is not just dogs that need a new home. From time to time we rescue other animals that need a loving home. Click on an animals name to find out all about them. You can keep up to date with our other animals using our RSS feeds.
Billy & Binky needs a home

Young Rabbits gender Male and Female breed Rabbits

2 boys and 2 girls. The are 3 months old. They have been vaccinated. All have been well handled. Would like them to go to new homes in 2 sets of pairs... read more

Butch & Sundance gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

Butch and Sundance are a pair of boars. They are 15 mths old ,very nice boys. The boys are looking for a home together ... read more

Ziggy & Chip gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

Ziggy and Chip are a pair of Guinea Pigs. They are 2.5 year old boars. They are very sweet gentle boys looking for a new home together .... read more

George & Boris gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

George and Boris are Guinea Pigs, a pair of boars. George is 1 year old and Boris is 8 weeks . They are looking for a home together.... read more

Binky gender Male breed English Lop Rabbit

Binky is a large male English Lop Rabbit. he was born in February 2016. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is a very friendly rabbit. He will need a large hutch and run because of his size and the fact that he is still growing.... read more

Ed gender Male breed Guinea Pig

Ed is an 8 month old guinea pig. He has been neutered so is looking for a sow or sows to keep him company. ... read more

Spud gender Male breed Rat

Spud - or Spudnik to give him his full name - is a delightful young rat about 8 months old in October. He is a little shy at the moment but we are helping him to get used to being handled. Spud comes with a nice cage containing toys and equipment to amuse him but what he wants most is a human... read more

Popcorn gender Female breed Dwarf Lop

Popcorn is a two year old, dwarf lop house rabbit. She was born on 27/6/14. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. She is friendly but more suitable for adults.... read more

Lily & Lola gender Female and Female breed Rabbits

These are Lily (white with black spots) and Lola. They are just over a year old, vaccinated and neutered. They are responding well to being handled and will need a confident owner. Due to their size they are not suitable for children. Lily and Lola would like to stay together. ... read more

Kendall gender Female breed Rabbit

Kendall is a white, female rabbit born January 2016 She is very friendly and has been a house rabbit but could go outdoors. She is vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped.... read more

Poppy gender Female breed Dwarf Lop Rabbit

Poppy is a brown and white dwarf lop. She is one year old. She is vaccinated and microchipped. She enjoys being stroked and is a friendly rabbit. ... read more

Bracken gender Female breed Rabbit

Bracken is mother to babies born February 2016. She would be more suitable to adults or older children. She is vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped.... read more

Danny gender Male breed Lionhead Rabbit

Danny is a 7year old lionhead male house rabbit looking for a nice retirement home. He is neutered and vaccinated and has a very calm nature.... read more

Billy & Binky gender Male and Female breed Rabbits

Billy and Binky are a bonded pair of rabbits. Billy is neutered and both are vaccinated. Billy born in June 15 and Binky October 15. Looking for a home together ... read more